Arriving at Moselkern via train or KD boat

(or by car and you just want to hike to the castle)

The Moselkern train station is no longer manned. Tickets must be purchased from a vending machine. There are no luggage lockers and no facilities for storing your bags. If you are staying overnight in Moselkern, Cochem or nearby along the train line - suggest you leave your luggage at your accommodations while you hike to Burg Eltz. There is no phone to be found near the train station (or at least I couldn't find one).

The Moselkern train station is several kilometers from the wooded trail start point. Just walk towards town from the station and follow the signs. These signs and pictures are in the order (top left to bottom right) that I encountered them.

After the initial sign pointing towards Burg Eltz you will navigate the town along Oberstrasse - under a railroad overpass -

following the clearly marked signs to Hotel Ringelsteiner Mühle. This would be a good place to eat lunch or take a break. From the hotel follow the semi-road/trail to the start point of the actual wooded trail which begins at a double handrail and short set of steps (Eltzach/Eltz creek will be on your right).

From this point to Burg Eltz is about 2 more kilometers of easy, slightly inclined trail walking. Should be no problem (especially if you have walked the 2 kms here from the train station) unless you have major health issues. I was in no hurry and took these pictures along the way and still made the wooded trail hike in less than 30 minutes.

The trail is well marked and little chance that you will lose your way. Early morning dew and rain can make the trail slick and slippery so watch your step or you might end up in the creek. I started my hike at 10am in mid October and did not meet anyone coming or going in either direction. It's a very peaceful, quiet walk and the first hint of the castle coming up is the lookout tower on the hill off to the right of the actual castle. Then - in an opening in the trees - there is the beautiful 800+ year old Burg Eltz (never destroyed) in all it's majestic glory. You then cross a footbridge and navigate the stairs up. The toughest part of this hike is the steps from the creek up to the castle. Later I noticed alot of folks coming up the stairs huffing and puffing. But the hike is relatively easy.

If you are traveling by train and do the entire hike from the Bahnhof - you might try to avoid the initial walk thru town by catching a ride to the hotel. I don't know how you might do this but if you ask a local for a ride (hitchhike) or luck into a taxi - then you will be glad you did. I would not recommend trying to take a taxi (even if you find one) all the way to Burg Eltz as the price could be pretty expensive.

Any way that you get to Burg Eltz - it is worth the trip. A wonderful old castle surrounded by hills, forests and a winding stream...

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