Suzanne's B & B

(Recommended by Ben & Larry)


Suzanne Vorbrugg

Venetianerwinkel 3
Tel - 8362/38485 ~ Fax - 8362/921396

(Ben) ....We arrived Füssen and our home for the next 3 nights around mid-afternoon. Suzanne's B & B is like a little American island in the midst of hundreds of German Zimmer Frei. What a change. From an isolated old farm high above Berchtesgaden where no English was spoken (by anyone other than our family) to a fairly new, shiny bright house full of Americans speaking with a Texas drawl. We arrived to find 6 other Texans from Houston occupying a majority of the beds. Suzanne is an American from Ohio married to a nice German fellow (Joe) so lots of things about this place have an American-type touch. The towels are big and fluffy, a toaster in the breakfast room, eggs cooked to order by Suzanne and she even has an American rural mailbox. And of course the predominant language in the house is English altho Suzanne is a linguist and her German is flawless...

Frühstück Zimmer

(Breakfast room)

... Suzanne was gracious enough to offer me her large Mehrbettzimmer (sleeps 4-5). It was an offer I couldn't refuse and my girls were very happy I didn't. We occupied a very large room next to the Frühstückzimmer with four beds, a daybed, hallway, shower, toilet, a large Kachelofen (masonry tiled stove)

Nice center piece stove

(Cozy single bed next to stove)

and a private balcony with awning overlooking their beautiful backyard with greenhouse and Joe's private collection of exotic birds.

Inside looking out

(Looking out onto balcony)

I have been suggesting Suzanne's B & B to train travelers to Füssen for quite some time as she is just a short walk along the train tracks west of the bahnhof (just follow the blue signs in English) and now I can highly recommend her place for all travelers - regardless of transportation. If you are planning an overnight in the vicinity of the Royal Castles - check out Suzanne's place. She is busy enough in the summer to have a sleep-in assistant so if you know ahead of time when you will be there - send her an Email to confirm a vacancy. In addition to the large room that we occupied - Suzanne has doublerooms with balcony - 4 beds upstairs in a loft room - and several other mattresses that she can spread around in case of late night arrivals who have no other place to stay.  So if you arrive in Füssen unprepared and out of luck - stop by Suzanne's.   She is too nice a lady not to assist you somehow or another.

Need a bike for a day?  Suzanne will rent you one...

Run out of clean clothes?  Suzanne will wash and dry a full basket for a price...

And by the way - this is a NO shoes house.   Remove your shoes at entrance and slip on a pair of slippers in your size.

There is also a guest refrigerator - (keep your own tab on Bier) and an information center full of local maps and brochures.

If you ask nice and don't mind paying - Suzanne might let you use her computer to send and check your Email.

Buffet breakfast area

(Breakfast buffet area and stairs to loft)

Cozy little 4 bed room        Watch your head!

     (Small loft room with 4 beds - shower/toilet downstairs)

....That evening we enjoyed an excellent meal at a place just off the Fußgängerzone that Suzanne had recommended - the Ritterstub'n, Ritterstraße 4, 87629 Füssen, Tel - 8362/7759 - that specializes in fish and vegetarian dishes. The place was packed but we didn't mind sitting in the backroom. Very nice....

....We all had a wonderful time enjoying most everything the area has to offer and especially the hospitality of our lovely hostess Suzanne. I can't say enough good things about this busy lady. In addition to her other talents she is an accomplished musician on a multitude of interesting instruments and can lull you to sleep with the beautiful music she makes on that Tyrolian harp...

...Another good thing about Suzanne's breakfast is that it's buffet style and no matter what time you have to get up and leave you will be able to have at least some cereal and toast and whatever else you can find in her refrigerator. If you want coffee and eggs you will probably have to wait until one of the ladies of the house is up and about. Suzanne is pretty flexible but she doesn't like to get up early on Sundays. :-) She will definitely go out of her way to make you comfortable and lend assistance. All you have to do is read her guestbook to find many examples of her acts of kindness related by previous guests.

By 0845 we have said our goodbyes, left a gift for Suzanne's cute daughter and are rolling out the driveway towards Meersburg and the Black Forest.

Auf Wiedersehen Suzanne!

Excellent little B & B

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