Just follow the path to the Altstadt...

Haus Karin
Hans and Karin Weiss
Hans-Sachs-Str. 26
Rothenburg o.d.T.
Tel - 9861/3962 ~ Fax - 9861/938949
Email -
Five rooms w/wo private bath/toilet, TV, private entrance

Located in a nice residental area just about a 5 minute walk from the town wall.

Hans-Sachs Strasse 26

Private Entrance

Single Room with lots of space...

The large windows provide lots of fresh air...

Cable TV at the foot of the bed - great reception - including CNN

Frau Karin Weiss in one of her double rooms

Double room layout

Double room

Double room

Frühstück Zimmer

Excellent breakfast spread - lots of choices...

View from Single room - 5 minute walk to Altstadt...

(Excerpts from Ben's trip report) ...Over the years I have stayed at several Zimmer Frei around the Altstadt and on a nearby farm. The Haus Karin is my new favorite place to stay when visiting Rothenburg. Frau Weiss is a wonderful hostess and welcomes guests with open arms. I had an excellent single-room with lots of space, a sink and a cable TV at the foot of my bed. WC and shower in the hallway. I could see part of the wall and town buildings from my room windows. This is a very well kept home that is what every B&B should strive to be like. Warm friendly family operation. Frau Weiss or her husband will gladly pick you up at the train station and deposit you there when you need to leave. 22 Euro per night per person (in 2004) - includes a sumptuous spread at breakfast. Tell her Ben sent you and she will give you a free Bier. Just kidding - she will actually give you a free Bier, mineral water or Saft drink anyway - just because you are her guest. Can't say enough nice things about this lovely lady whose English is very good.

On this afternoon I head out along a walking/bicycle trail for the nearby small village of Detwang (oldest part of Rothenburg) to visit the Church of St. Peter and Paul and get a look at it's Crucifixion Altar by Tilman Riemenschneider. Easy walk down into the valley but a killer walk back up to the Altstadt - steep enough and long enough to tighten up the old legs and make you feel your calves again.

Detwang (oldest part of Rothenburg odT)

Church of St. Peter and Paul in Detwang

Crucifixion Altar by Tilman Riemenschneider...

Some folks complain that Rothenburg is too touristy - and it is - but that will never keep me from enjoying it as often as possible. The trick to Rothenburg (and some other high visibility tourist destinations as well) is to enjoy the old town or attraction from about 5 pm til just after dark and from daybreak til 9 am. Daytrip to other nearby locations when you can - while the tour buses and their hoards take over the town. When those crowds dissipate in the evenings you have the streets and restaurants all to yourself.

Decided on a light dinner of Fränkisch wurst and Fränkisch Alt Bier in the tree covered Biergarten/Restaurant of the Hotel Reichs-Küchenmeister. This is an excellent location for people watching and with a nice view of St. Jacobs Church.

Biergarten of Hotel Reichs-Küchenmeister

View of St. Jacob's Church from Biergarten

Fränkisch wurst and Fränkisch Alt Bier

Day Three

First breakfast at the Haus Karin where I met two young ladies from Idaho and one very nice Japanese school teacher (Konnichiwa Akiko...) - all on their way this morning to the Füssen area and the Royal castles of Bavaria. For the next two hours I walked and video-taped almost every step of the wall around the Altstadt (that could be walked). Some photos and tight calves later I spent the rest of the day window shopping, relaxing and surfing the internet.

View from wall near castle garden...


Gerlachschmiede (Old Forge)

Dinner that evening at the Gasthof Goldener Greifen (another old favorite) - Gulaschsuppe, a Halbes Hähnchen mit Pommes, and Asbach and Cola. Great meal in a great old inn (Rothenburg's famous mayor, Heinrich Toppler lived at this location 600 yrs ago). Have stayed at the Greifen on several occasions in the past...

Gasthof Goldener Greifen and Diller's Schneeballen

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