Haus Weiher - just below Neuschwanstein

Haus Weiher - Hohenschwangau

(Recommended by Ben, Dee Dee, Larry & Colette)

Haus Weiher
(previously known as Pension Weiher)

Hofwiesenweg 11
Tel - 8362/81161 ~ Fax - 8362/81161
Email -
6 rooms - 1 EZ - 3 DZ - 2 MBZ (Some with bath/toilet/shower)

(Ben) ...The Weiher has always been one of my favorite places to stay in the vicinity of the Royal Castles. Owned and operated by the Oswald family - Frau Oswald runs a clean, quaint and comfortable house and takes pride in being a good hostess. Parking area available. Very pretty breakfast room with excellent Frühstück provided. Frau Oswald does not speak much English but she is used to visitors from all over the world.  My Frau and I enjoyed sharing wine and cheese on the balcony at night with a great view of the lit-up Neuschwanstein.  A million dollar view on a clear night and even better if there is a slight swirling mist in the air.  King Ludwig II was an extraordinary individual with a very creative imagination.  He was not 'Mad' - merely eccentric....

View of Neuschwanstein from the balcony of the Weiher.  Looks bigger at night.

View from the balcony of the Weiher 

Lite and bright

Spotlessly clean and comfortable rooms 

Castle watching with bier in hand...

Pstuyvsant has enjoyed more than a few beers on the balcony of the Weiher


David in his favorite chair with a view of Neuschwanstein and enjoying breakfast in Frau Oswald's breakfast room

Colette on the balcony of the Weiher prior to recent name change

(Colette) ..Upon our arrival, Frau Oswald was in the process of tidying up the breakfast room, but made it a point to stop and introduce herself, ask how we were doing, and requested (or as I recall, demanded, in a very motherly way) that we take a break from unloading the car. She brought a tray out to us with fresh squeezed juice to drink. She never spoke English (I don't even know if she does) and my German is not something to brag about, trust me on this point. However, Frau Oswald in all her grace never flinched while I tried out my German and she always nodded assuredly like she understood our requests and was always able to provide or show us what we needed.

After introductions and enjoying the refreshing juice, I mentioned how tired we were from traveling. She immediately went into her motherly routine again, commenting in German how we need to sit down and rest for a while. She escorted us up the stairs to our lovely room, which was the corner DZ. Wow! We not only had a million dollar view of the castle from the balcony, but also from our side window! I immediately pulled up the chair and ottoman next to the window, and for the next few nights, David would sit and look out the window at that castle, while enjoying a brew. One of our favorite memories.

We had wonderful breakfasts which always included an egg (another plus for Frau Oswald!) and her place seemed to always be filled with guests. She always would complain that I didn't eat very much, and would tease me after breakfast about how I needed to promise and eat more the next day -- ha! If she only knew I was eating about 3 times the amount I normally would for breakfast!!!

Another great thing: the castles and the town are within easy walking distance. We never had to take the car when we wanted to stroll the town or tour the castles.

The rooms were in perfect order, extremely neat and clean, and beautifully furnished. One of our favorite places and we definitely will stay here again.

It was quite a sad feeling to have to leave, and as we paid our bill and said our goodbyes, Frau Oswald pinched my cheek, then hugged me and said in German while shaking her finger at me "now you promise to eat more at breakfast from now on..." and we laughed and laughed. What a delight she is!

Besides all that, I forgot to mention -- on Sunday, she was cooking for her family a pork roast and kraut that smelled so good (just like Grandma's) that it just about killed me to walk in and out of that house!!! Boy, that brought back some wonderful memories for me!

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