(Recommended by Ben and Larry)

Weingut Sonnenhof
Winzermeister Winfried Weinert
Oberheimbach (bei Bacharach am Rhein)
Tel - 6743/6215 ~ Fax - 6743/6969
Email -
Double and Triple rooms with bath/shower/toilet available

...We stretch our legs on the ferry and then head north along the west bank of the Rhine on B9 - past castles Rheinstein & Reichenstein - Trechtingshausen - and just past Burg Sooneck at Niederheimbach we turn west into the hills of Oberheimbach. This is a sleepy little town with lots of tight, winding roads leading up into the vineyards covering the hillsides. After a series of extra-tight curves we finally pull in to the parking area of the Weingut Sonnenhof. This place is a winner just because of it's location. We unload and find two very nice double rooms with private baths with a balcony just outside the hallway door. What an excellent view of all the buildings below us in Oberheimbach. A Weingut is something of a wine estate and in this case the Weingut Sonnenhof takes up a large hillside of vineyards. I discover later the quality of their wine and regret not bringing back more bottles for later...

Front of Sonnenhof...

View from balcony of Sonnenhof...

....back to the Sonnenhof where we enjoy a nice meal of Jägerschnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln offered up by our hostess Frau Weinert.

Larry has a glass of Rotwein so I take the opportunity to buy a bottle of haus wine and it is soooo good I almost finished it by myself right then.

Larry and I have enjoyed this wonderful Weingut on many occasions. The Weinert family are very friendly hosts and it's a great place to spend time along the Rhine gorge. Easy hour drive to the Frankfurt airport. Why spend your last night at a hotel next to the airport when you can spend it on the Rhine - get up a little earlier the next morning - and cruise the Autobahn right into the Flughafen.

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